Yuchai Launches National VI Engines

Chinese engine maker China Yuchai said it has launched 14 new engines that are compliant with China’s more stringent National VI emission standards through its subsidiary  Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited (GYMCL).

GYMCL’s new National VI engines include 10 diesel and four natural gas engines with a power range from 74.5 to 485 kW among three platforms, namely S, K, and Y.

The company said the S platform engines are medium- and light-duty engines with models YCS04, YCS06 and YCS04N. The K platform engines are for the medium- and heavy-duty markets with models YCK05, YCK08, YCK09, YCK11, YCK13, YCK13N, YCK15N and YCK07N. The Y platform engines are for the light-duty engine market with models YCY20, YCY24 and YCY30.