Wireless Controls For Mobile Heavy Machinery

Eaton’s eMobility business has launched a new and improved line of Eaton Omnex Trusted Wireless mobile control systems for heavy machinery and field operations.The 900 MHz, two-way remote-control units are designed to enable wireless control of high-value machinery in harsh environments, including mining, construction, agriculture, locomotive and marine markets.

“Our next generation of rugged, weatherproof Omnex wireless controllers were designed with customer input and offer a number of benefits, including enhanced safety and productivity for machine operators,” said Scott Adams, president, eMobility, Eaton. “Overall, we’ve improved upon the reliability and connectivity that was always a benefit over the competition – and we continue to advance our wireless technology in those areas.”

On a construction site, the wireless controllers can operate heavy machinery, such as vacuum trucks, tow trucks, concrete mixers and cranes. The new units have a range of up to 1650 ft. and can be programmed to operate a wide range of machine functions.

The wireless controls can also be programmed to provide feedback via a screen, haptic response or sequenced light-emitting diodes. This function can be used to signal an operator when, for example, a crane is fully extended or be programmed to display the amount of weight a trailer is carrying.

Eaton said the units have undergone its proprietary cyber security protocols to prevent the signal being hacked into by an outside source, while sophisticated control algorithms are provided to ensure fail-safe operation. Each controller can be programmed to connect with a vehicle that has been equipped with a receiver installed in the electronic systems of a remote vehicle or machinery, the company said.

The wireless controls are compliant with IP65 & IP67 ratings, as well as complete, continuous submersion in water. They have been redesigned for better form, fit and function, making them easier to hold and control, Eaton said. The new control units also feature updated radios and lithium ion batteries for better performance.

Eaton’s new wireless lineup offers flexible solutions for customers, and includes the hand-held TD110 and TD1140 with optional E-Stop, the pistol-grip TD2100 and the small belly-pack TD3100.

In addition to the 900 MHz two-way wireless remote-control units, 2.4 GHz versions will launch later this year, the company said.

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