Volvo Penta Supplies Electric Driveline For Fire Truck

Volvo Penta has developed an electric driveline for fire service vehicle manufacturer Rosenbauer’s fire truck, providing a new solution with zero exhaust emissions and significantly reduced noise levels. The truck – named “Revolutionary Technology” (RT) – is currently undergoing intensive testing and will begin real-world customer testing later this year with fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai.

Volvo Penta said it has been collaborating with Rosenbauer, a longstanding customer, to develop an electric driveline for the platform, an industrialized version of the company’s Concept Fire Truck (CFT). With its electric driveline, the fire truck offers improved ergonomics, functionality and safety, as well as high loading volumes, compact dimensions and high agility, Volvo Penta said.

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“After many years of successful collaboration with Rosenbauer, we’re proud to be pioneering electric drivelines and partnering with them on this revolutionary project,” said Paul Jansson, chief project manager at Volvo Penta. “Our close partnership and deep understanding of our customers’ needs guided us in the development of the electric driveline for the new fire truck.

“Starting customer testing really brings home what the teams have managed to achieve together. This is our first industrial OEM partnership in the area of electromobility and it’s a big step towards creating a new product platform of the future.”

E-Driveline Performance

The new fire truck aims to provide an answer to global megatrends such as climate change, shifting demographics and urbanization and their impact on fire departments’ work. Firefighters responding to a call need a vehicle capable of high speed, rapid acceleration, hard braking and maneuverability. The RT’s electric driveline, paired with independent suspension and a hydropneumatic chassis, delivers a high standard of safety and a great driving performance, Volvo Penta said.

Volvo Penta electric drive components
Volvo Penta’s electric drivetrain for Rosenbauer’s RT fire truck utilizes electric motors driving each of the axles.

The RT truck can also help fire departments reduce their fuel costs as well as improve safety and functionality. Each axle of the truck is powered by an electric motor and the energy storage system designed to allow for an electrically powered journey with ample time for operation at the rescue site.

In addition, the new electrically powered truck has a backup diesel engine on board in case the journey or operation takes longer than expected, Volvo Penta said.

“The teams at Volvo Penta and Rosenbauer have been working together closely to design a tailored solution that enables the electric fire truck to do its job in a more safe, effective and sustainable way than a conventional vehicle,” said Dieter Siegel, CEO at Rosenbauer International. “Together, we have created the most revolutionary and progressive vehicle in the fire service industry. We have been collaborating with Volvo Penta for many years, they are the experts in this field and they truly understand our needs.”

Volvo Technology

As part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Penta said it leveraged proven technology and competence from Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses and adapted it to meet the performance requirements of a fire service application.

“At Volvo Penta, we see ourselves as partners, not suppliers to our OEM customers – so collaborating with Rosenbauer in this way is not unusual for us,” said Björn Ingemanson, president of Volvo Penta. “We want to become the world leader in sustainable power solutions and help our customers to future-proof their businesses by meeting the increased demands for cleaner, quieter and more efficient power solutions. This project demonstrates an important step in this journey.”

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