New Procedure Finding Air Brake Leaks, ROI

Fleets that are implementing a new procedure for finding air brake leaks are finding the practice is making repairs faster, delivering a quick ROI. The technology is helping fleet operators increase uptime by cutting the time spent pinpointing air brake leaks by as much as 66%. The Air Brake NanoLeak Finder uses DOT standards to indicate in one minute – with a simple green-red, pass-fail – whether the tractor or trailer has a leak that would cause the vehicle to be red tagged, pinpointing all leaks in under 10 minutes.

In 2018, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducted and analyzed 67,603 roadside inspections. 44.7 percent of red tagged vehicles failed due to brake system failures. Safety can be compromised when vehicles are not serviced properly. Profitability suffers because of air brake maintenance and repair service hours. With this procedure, technicians are able to pinpoint air brake leaks in under 10 minutes and definitively determine that the vehicle is 100% repaired, getting the truck back on the road fast, safely and profitably.

Putting a price on a day of downtime

Field tests indicate that new air brake leak finder technology can save hours -or even days- when searching for leaks in air brake and air powered systems, cutting costly vehicle downtime. Paying an hourly technician to search for air brake leaks with soapy water is expensive, but the real cost of using this outdated procedure is in lost uptime for the vehicle. A downed truck can cost $900 to $3,000 a day, more if missed delivery penalties are incurred.

Small air brake leaks quickly turn into big problems

New ELD rules mean fleet operators are under greater pressure to maximize vehicle uptime and driver hours of service. “Air brake leaks have been a real problem. In Wisconsin, the vehicles we service take a beating from weather and rough road wear. Small air brake leaks quickly turn into big problems that can cause a vehicle to be red tagged or brought in on the hook. That really cuts into uptime and the bottom line” Packer City International Trucks.

Pass or fail in under a minute, pinpoint the leak in under 10 minutes

With a quick setup, the tool runs a one-minute diagnostic that indicates whether the truck or trailer has a leak that exceeds DOT standards. If there is a leak, it pressurizes the system with a signature air, pinpointing the location of all leaks in under 10 minutes with 100% certainty, cutting hours of technician time and getting the vehicle back in service faster. The Redline Air Brake NanoLeak Finder is the only technology and procedure that can ensure a tractor or trailer meets US DOT standards and that it doesn’t risk being taken out of service.

“This breakthrough technology will become the ‘best practice’ procedure for air brake diagnostics and repair”.

Source: CVSA International Roadcheck Results, DOT Readiness Group

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