SRC Holdings Announces Executive Promotions


SRC Holdings Corp. Springfield, Mo. has announced a number of executive staff promotions effective August 1, 2019. These changes reflect the first phase of SRC’s new 10-year strategic plan, the company said. SRC Holdings is an employee-owned remanufacturer to

Vaughn Henson

original equipment manufacturers in North America. SRC was established in 1983 and is currently the holdings company for 12 subsidiaries.

Vaughn Henson has been promoted to director of business development for SRC Holdings. In 2010, Vaughn joined the SRC organization with prior experience in the public accounting, oil and gas, software technology, and chemical processing industries and took on the role of chief financial officer at NewStream Enterprises, a subsidiary of SRC Holdings. In 2014, Vaughn was promoted to general manager of SRC Logistics, Inc. (SRCL).

Henson will be succeeded by Mike White as the general manager of SRCL. White has over seven years of experience with the SRC organization and formerly held the role of director of operations for SRCL.

Chad Myers



Chad Myers has been promoted to executive vice president overseeing two Springfield Remanufacturing Corp’s divisions: SRC Heavy Duty Engines and Components division and SRC Heavy Duty Whole Goods division. Myers joined SRC in 2010 with a former subsidiary of SRC and was promoted to operations and engineering director at SRC Heavy Duty in 2011, and was named general manager in 2016.

Myers will be succeeded by Chris Kleinfeld as the general manager of SRC Heavy Duty Engines and Components, James Chandler as the general manager of SRC Heavy Duty Whole Goods, and Spencer Cunningham as the general manager of sales, marketing and business development for both Heavy Duty divisions.

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