Solve Aftertreatment Problems, Increase Uptime

New technology may mean the end of excessive aftertreatment problems. Field tests indicate increase in uptime, lower repair and PM costs

New technology is proving to be a solution to increase uptime for fleets dealing with aftertreatment problems. The heavy duty industry has accepted as unavoidable that DPF and SCR aftertreatment systems fail: they cause frustrating forced regeneration delays, de-rates, and down time. Operators are feeling the pain of excessive idling for regeneration, lower fuel economy, and high preventative maintenance costs as a result of DPF issues.

This new technology, developed in partnership between a major truck manufacturer and an equipment engineering company, is disrupting the assumption that DPF issues are an unavoidable cost of doing business for fleets, with quantifiable results that indicate it is saving substantial repair time, cutting overall PM costs,and improving fleet fuel economy.

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