Parker Deploys 37.5 MW Of Power Conversion Systems

Parker Hannifin provided the power inverters for two AES Advancion battery-based energy storage systems in Southern California. The two systems total 37.5 MW of energy storage capacity.

Parker Hannifan said its power conversion technology is now operating at two large-scale energy storage projects in Southern California.

Parker was selected as the inverter supplier to two AES Energy Storage installations totaling 37.5 MW of energy storage capacity, the larger of which offers 30 MW of capacity at a four-hour duration, making it the largest lithium ion battery-based energy storage installation worldwide, the company said.

Parker provided the power conversion inverters for the two AES Advancion battery-based energy storage systems. The Advancion technology is designed to enable better integration of energy from traditional and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind into the existing grid, and Parker’s inverter technology offers precise control of the energy supply to match demand, helping utility customers to improve grid stability and lower energy costs for consumers, the company said.

“Parker is proud to build on our long history of partnering with AES to improve regional grid reliability and advance the integration of renewable energy,” said Jim Hoelscher, general manager of Parker’s Energy Grid Tie Division. “In Southern California, we supplied close to 40 megawatts of power conversion systems in a record turnaround time, demonstrating Parker’s expertise in supporting the completion of large-scale energy storage projects.”

Parker has delivered power conversion equipment for energy storage projects spanning North America, Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific regions, bringing its cumulative worldwide deployment to more than 350 MW.

“Parker has been a valuable partner since 2007 and was instrumental in our launch of the world’s first megawatt-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage system,” said Brett Galura, vice president, AES Energy Storage. “Parker’s inverter technology continues to be an important, reliable and cost-competitive component of Advancion, as we develop and deliver reliable, flexible capacity for customers in California and around the world.”

Parker said it is able to offer superior energy storage products by leveraging cutting-edge controls and advanced cooling technologies as well as systems-level expertise. Product portfolio additions of climate-controlled lithium-ion battery containers, software solutions and the ability to provide full turn-key solutions is further contributing to Parker’s growth in the market.