Paguro Marine Gen-Sets

Mastry Engine Center is now the North American distributor for the Paguro line of marine diesel generator sets manufactured by VTE Srl in Italy. Mastry’s Doug Jensen said the sets have been tested for ignition protection for use in gasoline-powered boats.

There are six, 60 Hz (and six, 50 Hz) models in the Paguro line The 5.5 kW Paguro 6000 is powered by a two-cylinder Lombardini/Kohler 702 diesel. The 6.5 kW model 6500 uses a three-cylinder Lombardini/Kohler 1003 diesel, while the 8.5 kW Paguro 8500 is powered by a Lombardini/Kohler four-cylinder 1404 model.

The 10 KVa 8.5 kW Paguro 9000, the 14 kW model 14000 and the 18 kW Paguro 18000 are powered by the Lombardini/Kohler 702, 1003 and 1404 diesels as well. The generator is a synchronous, brushless design water-cooled via a stainless steel water jacket.

The gen-sets have remote control via cable and quick connector. The LCD display has load indicator, hour meter, frequency / engine speed. There is an automatic shut down for low oil pressure and/or high temperature. Automatic start is optional.

The gen-sets weigh from 300 to 500 lbs. are are housed in a soundproof capsule made from multi-layer GRP, a high density sound absorbing material and heat insulating foam lining. There is also a dual anti-vibration system based on four internal soft shock absorbers and four firm captive engine mounts outside the capsule. Noise levels are listed at 49, 52 or 54 dBA depending on the model.

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