Mobile hydraulics: preparing for an electrified future

In his speech at the Diesel Progress Summit, Simon Nielsen, Senior Systems Engineer, Global R&D for Danfoss Power Solutions, will explore the factors leading to recent Danfoss investments in strengthening its core hydraulics business and enabling the integration of electric components into system solutions.


Simon Nielsen, Senior Systems Engineer, Danfoss Power Solutions.

At the conferernce, which is on September 30 in Loiusville, Kentucky, Nielsen will describe the capabilities and challenges associated with different technologies, through comparison of powertrain architectures and through several case studies. He will also describe Danfoss’ efforts to uphold its core values of application knowledge and customer focus through development of digital design tools and technology demonstrators.

Danfoss Power Solutions has a history of innovation and technology leadership in the development of hydraulic solutions for the mobile equipment industry. As control system technology has evolved, and in response to global changes in regulation, Danfoss has recently made multiple acquisitions that diversify its portfolio.

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