Military Tactical Energy Storage Unit Introduced

Cummins Inc. has introduced the Tactical Energy Storage Unit during the 2019 Association of the United States Army (AUSA) show. The new Tactical Energy Storage Unit is a battery hybrid power generation system for military use, further enhancing the performance and reliability of the Cummins Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS) generators.

The Tactical Energy Storage Unit offers a total integrated power system for any critical military operation and delivers improved, increased microgrid resilience, greater reliability and reduces the need of costs associated with generator maintenance. The energy storage unit has several safety features, such as high voltage interlock loop (HVIL) connectors and a master service disconnect component, to guarantee a safe, reliable and smooth operation no matter the conditions, Cummins said.

Cummins said when paired with AMMPS, the tactical energy storage unit helps further reduce the need for fuel, further reduces costs and most importantly it significantly increases the safety of troops in combat; because fewer fuel transport runs are required and the operation of the generators are quieter. There are approximately 21,000 Cummins AMMPS units being used in Afghanistan, Africa, South Korea and the continental United States.

The batteries used on the Tactical Energy Storage Unit are designed for mobile outdoor applications with an IP66-rated enclosure, ensuring greater durability across a range of extreme environmental conditions. A 3-phase 60 kW bidirectional inverter is also embedded, enabling the system to convert the energy stored in the batteries, producing higher power quality.

The unit is designed to connect the battery management system (bms), inverter control system and the unit control system so it is ready to pick up the load when the demand cannot be met by the generators. The Tactical Energy Storage Unit is also designed to reduce the frequency and magnitude of voltage disturbances during rapid changes of load demand, providing improved transient performance and better quality for sensitive loads.

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