Mercedes-Benz Makes Big Brazil Investment

The Sao Bernardo do Campo plant is Daimler’s largest production site for commercial vehicles in Brazil.

By Mauro Belo Schneider

Mercedes-Benz said will invest $750 million in Brazil in the next five years, from 2018 to 2022. The money will be used to modernize the company’s truck and bus chassis plants in São Bernardo do Campo city, in São Paulo, and Juiz de Fora city, in Minas Gerais.

The investment will also improve commercial vehicle technology development,  especially in terms of connectivity, the company said. “The main goal of this investment is to attend the future demands of our clients, guaranteeing profitability to their businesses through updated products, modern and competitive facilities and new services with the last generation connectivity,” said Philipp Schiemer, Mercedes-Benz’ president in Brazil and CEO in Latin America.

“Currently we are investing $228 million until 2018 to renovate the two plants —$156 million for São Bernardo do Campo and $71 million for Juiz de Fora. Before completing this cycle, Mercedes-Benz anticipates and announces this new amount, as a way of following the transport trends and our clients’ demands.”

Another $21 million is being invested for the construction of a truck and bus testing grounds in Iracemápolis, to be opened in the first half of 2018. Will be one of the largest and most complete testing facilities in the South Hemisphere, the company said.

“The company is prepared for the recuperation of the Brazilian market that, although still slow and of low sales records, has great potential ahead,” Schiemer said. “We also believe in the international market, which has renovated their fleet with Mercedes-Benz products manufactured in Brazil.”

The company said it sold 9343 trucks from January to September, reaching 28.4% of market share in Brazil. On the bus side, Mercedes-Benz said it sold 4290, a 50% market share in Brazil.

The company also said its exports from Brazil increased 26% year to date over 2016, with 11,157 trucks and buses exported in total.