Leading Edge Power Announces Equity Commitment

BP Energy Partners, LLC (BPEP) said it has made an equity commitment to California-based Leading Edge Power Solutions, LLC (LEPS). Leading Edge (see April 2020 Diesel Progress)  is a provider of dispatchable, behind-the-meter power generation solutions for commercial and industrial customers.

LEPS has developed a clean on-site natural gas generator that is automatically dispatched against customer load to maximize savings from utility tariff rates for both energy and demand. Its peak shaving dispatch algorithms can automatically transfer to grid independent “backup” mode if it senses a grid outage.

The company’s Energy Services Agreement (ESA) financing approach requires no up-front capital from the customer and charges only for the service the system delivers, at a price less than the utility rates. LEPS covers all the costs for installation, natural gas, operations, and maintenance. provides customers with, in most cases, zero capital cost on-site generation that can substantially lower electricity costs by offsetting the utility grid during peak pricing hours, while also providing the resiliency of backup generation when the utility grid is interrupted.

LEPS said it has brought together generator design and manufacturing, emissions control technology, and electric load analysis and modeling to provide customers with an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution.

The investment by BPEP will fund existing and future distributed generation installations as well as fund the expansion of the LEPS’ EaaS platform.

“We are excited to partner with Leading Edge Power Solutions and to attack this growing market opportunity. Commercial and industrial companies face a daunting outlook for electricity cost and reliability. Aging power infrastructure and escalating service interruptions continue to be juxtaposed to high-cost utility de-carbonization efforts and renewable portfolio standards, leading energy customers to seek behind-the-meter solutions to reduce energy costs and improve resiliency. We see Leading Edge Power Solutions as bringing these objectives together into a tangible, turn-key solution,” said Nathan Brawn, managing director of BP Energy Partners.

BP Energy Partners, LLC (BPEP), is a Dallas-based private equity firm.  BPEP says it invests in the energy sector, with a focus on the natural gas value chain including infrastructure, power, logistics, transportation, environmental services, renewable natural gas, midstream, and distribution. The company said it also invests in low carbon energy solutions and renewables.

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