Three Komatsu Dealers Phasing Out Wirtgen

With the acquisition by Deere & Co. of the Wirtgen Group completed in December, Komatsu America Corp. has now announced it will phase out the sale of Wirtgen products by Komatsu-owned dealers in the USA. Komatsu America and Wirtgen America said it was decided this phase out is in the best interest of both companies.

The phase out involves three Komatsu-owned dealers: Komatsu Northeast, Cedar Brook, NJ; Komatsu Southwest, Carlsbad, NM; and Edward Ehrbar, Yonkers, NY. 

The three will no longer be authorized dealers of Wirtgen machinery after September 30, 2018, and authorized dealers of Wirtgen OEM parts, or a Wirtgen-authorized service center after March 31, 2019.