Garrett Now Honeywell Garrett

Honeywell said it has changed the brand name of its Garrett replacement and performance aftermarket turbochargers to Honeywell Garrett. 

The Honeywell Garrett portfolio of replacement turbochargers covers gasoline and diesel passenger and commercial vehicles – including two-stage and variable geometry applications. In addition, Honeywell Garrett offers turbo upgrades and remanufactured replacement turbos built and tested in the same manner as new turbos.

Honeywell said retaining the Garrett name was a priority as it has become synonymous with turbocharging for decades. Honeywell’s turbo origins date back to the 1950s when engineer Cliff Garrett led a project team to develop a turbocharger for a Caterpillar D9 crawler tractor that launched in 1954.

“We want our distributors and end customers to know that the whole of our design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities are part of every turbocharger we sell, and backed by the same customer service mindset that has made us a turbo leader for more than 60 years,” said Eric Fraysse, Honeywell Transportation Systems aftermarket vice president and general manager.