Filtration Element Technology

Schroeder Industries has released its third generation of filtration element technology.

The new Excel-ZPlus synthetic replacement element is manufactured with synthetic microglass filtration media and is designed to provide excellent stability, lower pressure drops and higher dirt holding capabilities, said Ken Waldron, product manager—Elements at Schroeder, which is based in Leetsdale, Penn.

The Excel-ZPlus is replacing Schroeder’s Excellement product, which will be phased out over the next 12 to 18 months.

“The Excel-ZPlus will be our flagship, next-generation product,” Waldron said.

Schroeder is introducing the Excel-ZPlus product with 5 and 10 micron ratings in HF4 products, which have 4-in. diameters and 9-in. lengths—a common size for many applications, Waldron said.

“It’s very popular and used in many, many of our filter assemblies,” he said. “And we’re testing in the 18-in. and 27-in. product now.”

Waldron said the company found an interest in the marketplace to find a media solution that offered a higher dirt holding capacity and cleaner pressure drop in the HF4 product.

“We were driven by the fact that there was still a need to offer the best in class product in that size relative to improvents in dirt holding capacity, clean pressure drop and efficiency,” he said.

The design offers less restriction, lower pressure drop and overall lower hydraulic load. The multilayer filter media provides strength and the highest dirt capacity in the market, he said. The wire mesh upstream and downstream provides better pleat stability and with stainless steel mesh downstream, there’s no risk of epoxy coating migrating downstream and contaminating the system.

In a comparison to the company’s earlier Excellement media, the 5-micron Excel-ZPlus offers 30% increase higher dirt holding capacity and a 10% efficiency improvement. The 10-micron Excel-ZPlus product offers a 36% increase in dirt holding capacity and a 7% improvement in efficiency.

“The longer you can maintain an element in service without the mechanical or electronic bypass reaching what they call terminal pressure, it means less downtime, less maintenance, less labor costs,” he said. “It’s a function of keeping the machines up and running longer, keeping the maintenance people away from the equipment—it’s an efficiency factor relative to uptime and labor costs.”

Over about five years, the company spent $7 million at its Cumberland, Md., facility in customized production automation to ensure overall performance. That’s where the filtration media is manufactured.

“We feed elements into the Leetsdale facility to make the final assembly, which would include putting the elements inside the housing,” he said.

The company plans to offer Excel-ZPlus in 1-, 3-, and 25-micron products, which would match current Schroeder offerings. The plan includes moving the new element into the GeoSeal and Dirt Catcher and GH/GHHF Element Designs lines as well, he said.

Schroeder also offers custom-printed plastic element outer wraps and endcap laser markers to display brand identity.