Danfoss’ D1 Pump Launched In North America

Danfoss Power Solutions has introduced the D1 high power open circuit axial piston pump to the North American markets. The D1 pump is a high pressure, high flow variable displacement axial piston pump, developed specifically for open circuit systems in extreme environments. Its design makes it applicable for mining, heavy duty construction, forestry, material handling and marine, oil and gas markets.

The addition of the D1 pump expands the Danfoss open circuit portfolio to include higher hydraulic power options — up to 160 gpm (600 l/min).

Specifically, Danfoss said the pump’s open circuit control options make opens up applications for drill rigs, artificial lift systems, harvesters, mulchers, wheel loaders, dumpers, and pipe-handling systems.

The D1 pump is offered with four displacement options from 130 to 260cc, pressure, load sense, power limiting and displacement controls, output pressure up to 5075psi (350 bar) continuously and 5800 psi (400bar) intermittently.  An integral charge pump allows the D1 pump to run at speeds up to 2500 rpm.