Carraro Exhibits Electric & Hybrid

In the construction equipment sector, as well as in agriculture, Carraro offers a range of solutions from Basic to Premium, leveraging as much as possible the design modularity and scalability. The company’s complete drivelines are used in construction equipment machines, such as backhoe loaders, teleboom handlers, compact wheel loaders and small wheel loaders, wheel excavators and soil compactor.

Carraro recently extended its portfolio to hybrid electric machines and electric powertrains; the company can offer the complete e-powertrain with a dedicated ECU and is capable of sizing and integrating the most suitable electric modules: from motors and generators, to inverters, batteries and battery management system to obtain the best performance for the entire system.

In its tech-demo booth at ConExpo-Con/Agg, Carraro displays three of these new products, utilizing also a special Augmented Reality tool:

  • the eTCH90 Long Drop torque converter full powershift transmission – designed to become a parallel-electric hybrid unit and suitable for several equal-size-tire machines, starting from teleboom handlers;
  • the eTB220C gearbox, specifically developed for full-electric applications, with minimum power losses even at high input rotational speed;
  • the FLS 3.2 full powershift hydrostatic gearbox, suitable for machines ranging from small wheel loaders to teleboom handlers.

All these gearboxes are controlled by a software developed to run in the Carraro proprietary ECU, fully compliant with the functional safety regulation ISO 25119.

In addition to this, Carraro said it can enable to achieve further fuel efficiency and productivity through the simultaneous control of the whole powertrain (i.e. engine and transmission) thanks to its competence in developing control software to be managed by its proprietary ECUs.

Carraro’s exhibit can be found in the Bronze Lot, booth B90303.

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Carraro Exhibits Electric & Hybrid
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