Allison Opens New Test Center

Allison Transmission has opened its new Vehicle Environmental Test (VET) center in Indianapolis, Ind. to conduct year-round testing, replicating vehicle environments and duty cycles, compressing product development times.

The 60,000-sq. ft. facility houses a hot soak chamber, a cold soak chamber, and two chassis dyne-equipped environmental chambers capable of simulating a range of duty cycles, environmental conditions from negative 54o to 125o F, altitudes up to 18,000 ft., simulated grades and other on-road conditions.

Allison said the VET center can accommodate most commercial on-highway, off-highway and wheeled defense vehicle applications, supporting testing for a range of propulsion systems, including conventional powertrains, alternative fuel, electric hybrid, fully electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. It is located on the campus of Allison Transmission’s global headquarters in Indianapolis.

“We are excited to have this facility that will provide our customers and partners enhanced capabilities to conduct full-vehicle testing by replicating environments and duty cycles all in one centralized location, allowing them to bring new and innovative technology and vehicle systems to market faster and more efficiently,” said Rohan Barua, vice president of North America Sales for Allison Transmission.

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