Randon Forms Join Venture In Peru

Randon, which is the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicle trailers in Latin America, has formed a joint venture with Epysa Equipos to manufacture and sell trailers in Peru.

By Mauro Belo Schneider

Brazilian trailer manufacturer Randon announced the formation of a joint venture with Chile’s Epysa Equipos through which Epysa will manufacture, assemble and sell Randon trailers in Lima, Peru. Randon will hold a 51% share in Randon Peru.

Epysa has been a Randon distributor for more than 35 years in the Chilean market.  Randon said it will bring its expertise in manufacturing and product technology, while Epysa’s commitment includes commercial experience and know-how. “This is the way for both companies accelerate their globalization, reaching new markets,” said Juan Francisco Novion, Epysa’s director.

“A long term relationship of mutual reliability leads us to a promising future,” said Alexandre Gazzi, Randon’s director, who added that Randon’s internationalization strategy includes increasing exports from Brazil and also linking plants to markets, making them compete locally.

The Lima facility will have a capacity to produce 1000 units a year. Peru is the third main market in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. It absorbs approximately 6000 trailers a year, Randon said. 

Randon is considered the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle trailers in Latin America. In Brazil, it has plants in Caxias do Sul city, Rio Grande do Sul state, Chapecó city, Santa Catarina state, Araraquara city, São Paulo state, as well as a site in Rosário city, Argentina.