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The Contractors Pump Bureau (CPB), a product group of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, has developed a voluntary industry standard for measuring sound levels emitted by portable dewatering pumps, including power supply units for hydraulic submersible pumps. AEM said the standard is expected to help ensure that customers can easily compare noise levels of pumps from different manufacturers, which is especially important when choosing pumps for noise-sensitive applications in both residential and commercial areas.

The CPB standard provides manufacturers with an accurate, repeatable procedure for measuring the noise levels of pumps and related power supply units. Manufacturers can then list these measurements in company informational materials as “pursuant to the CPB Sound Level Measurement Standard for Pump Units.”

The CPB Sound Level Measurement Standard for Pump Units establishes a test environment, instrumentation requirements, pump configuration, microphone locations and pump load conditions for measuring noise levels. The standard does not establish maximum allowable noise levels. The standard calls for an outdoor test site consisting of a hard, flat ground surface such as asphalt or concrete with no sound reflecting objects within a distance of 21 meters. Manufacturers must take eight sound level measurements at points seven meters from, and equally spaced around, the unit. Measurements must be taken for 15 seconds while the units are pumping at specific speed and load conditions. The average of the eight measurements will then be published in A-weighted decibels, or dB(A).

For a copy of the noise measurement standard developed by AEM’s Contractors Pump Bureau, go to the AEM website – www.aem.org/CBC/ProdSpec/CPB/. For more information, contact AEM’s Russell Hutchison (414-298-4118, e-mail rhutchison@aem.org).