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The ZF Group’s Marine business unit has unveiled two new marine transmissions targeted specifically at watersports vessels. The new 48IV and 68IV transmissions, launched at the 2016 Surf Expo in Orlando by ZF Marine Propulsion Systems Miramar, LLC, the North American arm of the global ZF Marine business unit, are based on existing transmissions and are engineered to meet the increasing power ratings and the increasing loads of watersports boats.

The 48IV transmissions technical improvements include increased horsepower capacity, ratios of 1.2, 1.46, and 1.73, improved hydraulics, a reinforced housing and strengthened internal components for long-life durability and a pass-through shaft design engineered to simplify installation and service

The 68IV is available with ratios of 1.5, 1.75, and 2.0, a power take-off that can be used to drive auxiliary pumps and hydraulic pumps, ZF’s Smooth-Shift hydraulics designed to deliver precise clutch control, and a new case optimized to reduce sound emissions. The 68IV is also sensor-ready, the company said, allowing for plug-and-play transmission monitoring.

The new transmissions will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

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