New Danfoss Fan Drive Control

Danfoss Power Solutions has developed a fan drive control feature for its Series 45 portfolio of open circuit axial piston.  Available on K2 (pictured), J and F frames, the fan drive control is designed as an intelligent thermal management solution to maximize cooling efficiency, decrease fuel costs, and increase operator productivity.

“The lower minimum system pressures allowed by the fan drive control result in slower minimum fan speeds, which improves fan drive system efficiency,” said Jeff Brenner, director of Open Circuit Medium Power Sales at Danfoss Power Solutions. “It also offers a variety of benefits for low cooling requirement conditions, including reduced fan noise.”

The fan drive control for the Danfoss Series 45 portfolio of pumps has been designed to offer customers several features and benefits, including: Improved performance with better control resolution; Smaller package size that is up to 2.2 kilograms or 5 pounds lighter than the current electronic pressure control (EPC); and Optimized design for easy tuning and setup and better serviceability.

The Series 45 fan drive control can also improve machine performance when used in conjunction with a Danfoss Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM), Brenner said. “The RDM uses less power and eliminates the heat generated by traditional reversing systems to help machines run more smoothly. The RDM also uses fewer components, such as hoses, valves, and HIC blocks, leaving more space in the engine compartment and reducing costs.

“By eliminating the directional control valve and integrating the shift valve into the RDM, we have engineered a solution that is both cost-effective and energy-efficient,” he said.

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