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Mack Trucks has introduced a new range of vehicles designed to meet the demands of both highway and construction customers. The Pinnacle tractor is the new flagship for the company’s on-highway product range and Mack has also unveiled new models of its Granite and Granite Axle Back vocational trucks. The new vehicles incorporate the new MP7 (MackPower) engine, the first in a new family of Mack engines. The MP7 is an 11 L engine available in six horsepower ratings between 325 and 405 hp and torques from 1260 to 1560 ft. lb.
The MP7’s base architecture represents the heart of Mack’s solution to the 2007 EPA emissions regulations, the company said, including a high performance cooled exhaust gas recirculation system (HEGR), variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) with sliding nozzle ring, electronically controlled unit injectors, a single overhead cam with four valves per cylinder and wet sleeve cylinders with single piece steel pistons. The engines are offered in Mack’s traditional application-specific performance families: Maxidyne (for high-performance vocational customers), MaxiCruise (for vocational and highway customers), and Econodyne (for particularly fuel-sensitive highway customers).
Along with the MP7, the company also announced plans to have the second member of its new engine family – the MP8 – available in 2007. Designed for customers requiring higher horsepower, the MP8 is a 13 L engine with ratings from 415 to 485 hp matched to torque levels from 1540 to 1700 lb. ft. As with the MP7, the MP8 will be offered in the Maxidyne, Econodyne, and MaxiCruise performance versions.