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Caterpillar Inc. recently marked several milestones in the history of its ACERT engine program. During an event at Caterpillar’s Mossville, Ill., engine facility, the company marked the production of 10,000 machine engines featuring ACERT and the production of 2500 industrial ACERT engines.

Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar group president with responsibility for engines, recalled the decision in 2001 to implement ACERT as Caterpillar’s emissions technology and noted, “It really embarked Caterpillar on a much different journey than we’d ever been on before and different in our industry. I think now the jury is coming in and we’re winning with ACERT technology.”
Cat honored two ACERT engine customers at the event. A ceremonial C15 engine was presented to a representative of the company’s articulated truck facility located in Peterlee, U.K., while AGCO Vice President of North American Materials and Purchasing Ron Hess, was presented with a ceremonial C18 engine. AGCO is using the Tier 3 ACERT engine in its newest generation Challenger tracked-type tractor.

“I think there’s a common thought among people that when you improve emissions, you lose power and performance,” said Hess. “You can say you have a Tier 3 engine, but if the performance isn’t right, the customer knows that. The first time he gets behind the wheel, you don’t want him hopping out of the machine and saying, I know you have the emissions, the government’s happy, but I’m not happy.
“That’s been one of the biggest challenges we faced and working very closely with Caterpillar, we’ve overcome that.”
Oberhelman also noted that “by the end of next year, when we introduce most of our machines, we will have every model of Caterpillar construction equipment with an ACERT engine around the world. But I will say that the ACERT journey however is really in its infancy. It’s only four years old.
“Our end goal is by 2015 to have every engine we make with some kind of ACERT technology in it to really propel the world toward clean air. Whether it’s an engine in a barge or a locomotive or an engine in a lawnmower, there will be elements of ACERT technology in Caterpillar brand, Perkins brand and MAK brand engines all over the world.”