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Mining equipment manufacturer Bucyrus International, Inc. announced that it is proceeding with the expansion of its manufacturing operations at its South Milwaukee (Wis.) facilities. The expansion will be conducted through a phased improvement program including new buildings and production equipment, which the company said will allow it to increase its manufacturing capability and capacity to meet the increased demand for its products.

The initial phase of the expansion program will include the construction of a new facility on the grounds of the company’s South Milwaukee campus at an approximate cost of $22 million. The new facility will provide approximately 110,000 sq. ft. of space for the welding and machining of large electric shovel components. The new facility will also provide capacity for the welding and machining of large walking dragline components should they be required to meet market demand. “This initial expansion will effectively increase our capacity to manufacture large electric mining shovels by 50%,” said Tim Sullivan, president and CEO.